mercedes class v

Mercedes V-Class Extra Long

Capacity: 7 passenger  seats

This spacious luxury Mercedes can accommodate 1 to 7 passengers. 

With its robust quality engine and perfect soundproofing, no jolt or vibration will be felt by passengers who will be able to enjoy their journey to the fullest. 

The vehicle’s tinted windows guarantee the complete privacy of our guests, who will be able to appreciate the scenery in anonymity. 

This XL model has a large boot capacity that can easily hold 7 large pieces of luggage. 


Mercedes V-class Interior

Premium comfort for small or large groups. 

You will be welcomed by the luxurious yet functional interior of the Mercedes V-class, with its 7 seats covered in black leather that is cleaned and sanitised for every use. 

The spacious interior will help you feel at home during the journey and the face-to-face seats conveniently allow you to communicate and create a friendly environment amongst colleagues.

The seats can also be arranged in a single line upon request.

Many on board services are available, the list is available on the page our services.

interieur passager mercedes class v
exterieur mercedes class e

Mercedes E-class

Capacity: 4 passenger seats

Travelling in a Mercedes E-Class is an enjoyable experience. This luxury saloon will provide you with some quite time in the company of your driver, who will remain discreet throughout the journey. 

This vehicle, which combines class and discretion, will take you to your destination in unrivalled comfort with its tinted windows and impressive interior.


Mercedes E-Class interior

Luxury comfort for single travellers , couples or small groups.

The prestigious interior of the Mercedes E-Class provides an elegant welcome with its 4 passenger seats covered in quality black leather that is treated before every trip.

Ideal for an individual or a small group of up to 4 people, you can enjoy your trip with complete peace of mind. 

As for our other vehicles, many on board services are offered free of charge during your trip and many additional services can be arranged when booking to make your trip as enjoyable as possible. 

You can find the full description of our VIP services on the dedicated page..

interieur mercedes class e
mercedes class s

Mercedes S-class

Capacity: 4 passenger seats

With all the elegance of the Mercedes E-class, the Mercedes S-class model is also at your disposal.

Its exterior and interior are equally impressive and offer an outstanding level of comfort.

The vehicle's interior LEDs will create a feeling of well-being for the whole journey.


Mercedes S-class interior

Luxury comfort for single travellers, couples or small groups.

You can make the most of your journey surrounded by a premium interior with well-kept black leather seats and a variety of options from an outstanding range.

The Mercedes S-class offers smooth handling, so you can sit back and enjoy the journey as your private chauffeur takes you to your destination with an unparalleled level of professionalism.


Transport d' Artistes et Producteurs

Transport d' Artistes et Producteurs

Tout comme l’année dernière, Cap VTC a eu l'honneur d'être le partenaire de transport officiel pour le séminaire organisé par la boîte de production Tôt ou Tard, qui s'est tenu à Montpellier du 3 au 6 juin

Salon BIOMONDE 2024

Salon BIOMONDE 2024

Cap VTC est fier d'avoir été le partenaire de transport officiel pour le deuxième salon fournisseurs organisé par Biomonde Solidarité, qui s'est tenu du 2 au 4 juin 2024 au Domaine des Grands Chais, près de Montpellier.

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