Quality drivers

Our drivers are professionals who hold private driver licenses issued by the prefecture upon completion of a criminal record check.

Our punctual, discreet and courteous professional drivers will welcome you personally and will be available at all times to make your journey pleasant and comfortable. 

Our drivers speak English. They are also trained in first aid and have the PSC1 (First Aid and CPR resuscitation) certificate.
Vehicles are therefore equipped with first aid kits in case of minor injuries.

Your specific requirements

We can offer you a whole range of fully customisable services. 

Bouquets of flowers on arrival, a box of luxury chocolates, top-of-the-range champagne, as well as anything it takes to improve your trip. 

Prestigious services in collaboration with professionals. 

We can provide you with a translator to help with communication during your stay as well as a tourist guide who will accompany you to the most prestigious and unmissable places your destination has to offer. 

We can also arrange a catering service to provide quality meals for special requirements.

Little Extras

In order to make your journey as enjoyable as possible, we offer a wide range of completely free on board services.

Connect your devices to free on board WI-FI in case you need to catch up on work or if you’re simply in need of some entertainment. 

A phone charger is at your disposal if you run out of charge as well as cold drinks such as still and sparkling water, sweets and chewing gum, daily newspapers, the national and international press and a range of magazines. 

Moveable tablet holders are also provided for a more comfortable multimedia experience and cleansing and refreshment wipes are available if necessary. 

Suit essentials such as a brush and polish are also available on board. Baby or child car seats and equipment needed for a stay in the mountains, such as a ski carrier, can also be fitted if required.


Transport d' Artistes et Producteurs

Transport d' Artistes et Producteurs

Tout comme l’année dernière, Cap VTC a eu l'honneur d'être le partenaire de transport officiel pour le séminaire organisé par la boîte de production Tôt ou Tard, qui s'est tenu à Montpellier du 3 au 6 juin

Salon BIOMONDE 2024

Salon BIOMONDE 2024

Cap VTC est fier d'avoir été le partenaire de transport officiel pour le deuxième salon fournisseurs organisé par Biomonde Solidarité, qui s'est tenu du 2 au 4 juin 2024 au Domaine des Grands Chais, près de Montpellier.

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