Personalised tour

If you already have your own ideas for a tour and you know exactly where you want to go, take advantage of our skilled drivers who will escort you in complete safety on your own personalised tour.

Contact us by phone or request a quote online to make an initial enquiry by indicating your destination(s) and pick-up point. We will promptly reply with a quotation for your request. 

We make departures from Montpellier and the surrounding areas and can travel regionally, nationally and internationally for more large-scale requests.

Shopping tours, sightseeing and cultural visits

Whether you are on a private personal trip or otherwise, we can offer you one or more shopping tours so you can take advantage of the many shops found in the major cities of the south of France such as Montpellier, Marseille, Nice, Saint-Tropez, Côte d'Azur etc.

We offer tourist and cultural tours to the must-see hidden gems of the major French cities, including the Hérault, the Gard and other departments of the Occitanie region. 

We can provide you with a translator or a tourist guide to make your stay even more enjoyable.

There are many beautiful areas by the Mediterranean and in riverside and mountain locations that are just waiting to be discovered... and we can take you there.


Evénement d'envergure sur Marseille

Evénement d'envergure sur Marseille

Cap VTC a eu l'honneur d'être sélectionné pour faire partie de la flotte de véhicules 🚖 participants au prestigieux défilé d'une grande marque de haute couture 👗 dans la cité phocéenne.

Prise en charge et à disposition d’une personnalité politique

Prise en charge et à disposition d’une personnalité politique

A disposition d’une personnalité politique en intervention sur Montpellier pour le séminaire d’un grand Groupe industriel français

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