Weddings & Baptisms

Your private driver for  weddings or baptisms 

For weddings and baptisms, whether religious or not and whether at the town hall, church or otherwise, it is becoming more and more common to book a car with a driver so that you can be transported safely throughout the event.

We are happy to offer you this service, providing you with top-of-the-range, spacious vehicles equipped with a professional driver for both the ceremony and throughout the evening to make your wedding or baptism as convenient as possible and to ensure that your journey runs as smoothly as possible. 

Your vehicle can also be decorated on request.

Birthdays & other events

A private car for your birthday or other events. .

To make the most of your birthday or other personal events, we can drive you to the destination of your choice, transporting you from your home to your favourite celebration venue, nightclub or bar. 

Do not risk losing your driving license or causing an accident. 

Make the most of your evening with friends and use our service to manage your transport arrangements in complete safety.




Une sortie en amoureux le jour de la St Valentin ? Pour cette occasion, la Société CAP VTC vous offre 1 coupe de champagne pour toute réservation

EN ROUTE pour 2020

EN ROUTE pour 2020

Déplacements personnels, déplacements professionnels, mise à disposition...CAP VTC sera encore présent sur cette nouvelle année 2020 pour vous accompagner et vous apporter des solutions de transport de qualité adaptées à vos besoins.

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