All our transfer and service rates are set in advance when you book and are calculated according to the precise nature of your request. You will therefore know the exact cost of your service before using it. These rates are therefore examples.

Hotel Transfers <--> Train Stations, Airports or ports From €30 incl. tax
Simple transfer to Montpellier and the metropolitan area From €40 incl. tax
4 hours at your disposal with 130km included €320 incl. tax
8 hours at your disposal with 220km included €560 incl. tax
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Rates are increased by 20% for nights (10pm / 6am), weekends and public holidays

We understand that everyone is unique and each person has his or her own expectations. 

This is why adapting to your requirements is our philosophy. 
So, feel free to contact us directly to explain your request in detail. We will be happy to adapt to your needs and will work together to determine the right price for your service.

Making payments

Payment can be made directly on board the vehicle by credit card or in cash. 


Evénement d'envergure sur Marseille

Evénement d'envergure sur Marseille

Cap VTC a eu l'honneur d'être sélectionné pour faire partie de la flotte de véhicules 🚖 participants au prestigieux défilé d'une grande marque de haute couture 👗 dans la cité phocéenne.

Prise en charge et à disposition d’une personnalité politique

Prise en charge et à disposition d’une personnalité politique

A disposition d’une personnalité politique en intervention sur Montpellier pour le séminaire d’un grand Groupe industriel français

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